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Co-operation with Paratrooper Veterans Club

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    The basis for paratrooper veteran movement in former CSSR was the establisment of Paratrooper pensioners club of Prostejov. The establisment of Paratrooper pensioners club initiated several former paratroopers from Prostejov (supported by the commander of VU 8280 Col Ing. Hudsky), who took part in meeting of former members of 71st vpr, to establish an official organization.

    On 27 October 1990, 39 former commisioned and non-commisioned officers from paratrooper brigade established Paratrooper pensioners club and elected the members of club board: L.Opletal, V.Pecina, M.Masarovic, K.Horalek, B. Vlk, R. Behalik, J.Pekarek, J.Nemeth and L.Olejnik.

Following goals has been set for club's initial activities:
  1. Strengthen reciprocal friendship, comradeship and co-operation,
  2. Enrich social, cultural and sports activities of Club members and their families,
  3. Search and recruit other former paratroopers for Club functioning, organize social meetings.

   Thus the Club became central and co-ordinating centre for other arising regional groups througout the whole CSR. „Duni stroje vzduchem„ (former name "Paratrooper units" by Ing. Jan Mlady) was selected as a club anthem.

    After one year of functioning the club was renamed to KVV - Retired paratroopers club and soon after that to Paratrooper veteran club at VU 8280 Prostejov.

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    First statutes of the club were accepted in 1993. These were rewritten in 1999 and authorized in participation with VU 8280 and former District Military Administration on 7 December 1999.

    In 2005, 385 members and more than 80 unregistered coleauges and sympathizers attended the „Meeting 2005“ which took place on the occasion of 45th aniversary of redislocation of VU 8280 from Presov to Prostejov.


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