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601st Special Forces Group mission

    MIssion of 601st Special Forces Group emerges from generally defined tasks of special forces according to NATO documents as well as from the definition of the Highest National Command.

1.Special Reconnaissance (SR)

     SR is the basis for all unit's operations. It serves for gathering the information of strategic significance in hostile, denied, or politicaly sensitive territory.

2.Offensive Action (DA)

     They are carried out in order to silence, destroy or damage strategical object of interest. These actions are of small (traps), medium (ambush) or great extent (gunfire raids) and newly also final guiding of precise ammunition to target.

3.Military Assistance (MA)

     This is a broad category of measures and activities that support and influence friendly key assets. Typical example from the past operations is the training of the special components of the Afghan National Security Forces.

     601st SFG use all ways of insertion; ground, air and water; for transportation to the target. Divers' capabilities as well as the capability of parachute jumps from high altitude (around 10 km) both with high and low opening (HAHO/HALO) are unique.

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