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Shoulder sleeve insignia and other 601st SFG emblems

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

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The insignia is worn on the right sleeve pocket of the camouflage uniform, together with the Special Forces Tab.
Above them, there is the Centre Identification Patch.

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This patch is worn on the right sleeve of the dress uniform, together with the Special Forces Tab.
The Centre Identification Patch is not used here.


601st SFG Badge

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This badge is worn on the right breast pocket of the fatigue uniform, centred between the lower point of the flap and bottom of the pocket, midway between the sides.


Centre Identification Patch

This emblem is used by the 601st SFG to distinguish individual specialized Centres the unit is divided into:

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HQ and Staff


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1st Special Training Centre


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2nd Special Recconnaissance Centre


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3rd Special Assignment Centre


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4th Command and Support Centre



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