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Selection procedure for 601st Special Forces Group

1. General provisions

     Selection procedure for service at our Group, in connection with the function and tasks of 601st SFG and on the basis of experience from previous years, is understood as a basic precondition for further development of each serviceman - member of Special Forces.

     Selection procedure has been put together as a set of arangements intended to discover physical and mental resistance of the candidate, as well as other preconditions for his/her personal development. Motivation for the service at our Unit, resolve, self-discipline, decisiveness, initiative and character pose another objective of the selection.

    There are two categories of candidates within the selection procedure:
Category A: candidates for combat troops (7 days)
Category B: candidates for other parts of the Group (2 days)

2. Identical entrance conditions for both categories

  • minimum of 2-year service at ACR units and facilities as a regular soldier or 3-year military school graduate (can be excused only in specific cases)
  • "A" health classification (paratrooper capable)
  • clean Penal Register
  • complete secondary education with GCE A level or BTEC level 3(exemptions only within logistics unit)
  • ideally security clearance needed for certain function
Candidate has to submit following documents to be registered:
  • extract from the Penal Register
  • Health Classification Certificate
  • Security Clearance Certificate, must be original
  • other qualificatin certificates (GCE A level or BTEC level 3, driving licence, STANAG certificate, professional certificate etc.).
  • last periodical assesment
  • entrance questionnaire (filled in during the registration)

3. Selection procedure

Actual selection procedure consists of basic selection and selection week.

3a. Basic selection

Basic selection is identical for both categories and is divided into two parts:

   I. Physical Fitness Test: contents correspond to the extent of annual physical training examination valid in ACR, but encompass all disciplines - set of strength exercises, pull-ups, 12-minute run and 300-metre swimming.
     To advance to another part you have to obtain at least 200 points for "A" category and 150 points for "B" category from all disciplines, however, minimum specified points must be reached at each discipline.
It is sufficent to swim at least 300 metres for "B" category

     Meeting the norms of Physical Fitness Test is the condition for advance to part II - set of psychometric tests.

   II. Psychometric tests: using psychometric tests, we test candidate's IQ, reacting abilities and abilities of teamwork (intelligence tests, performance test - endurance test, personal questionnaires, discussion and projection techniques).

   Basic selection is the only part to pass for "B" category.
Succesful passing the psychometric tests is the basic condition to advance to the Selection week for "A" category.

3b. Selection week

   After succesful passing the basic selection, candidates for 601st combat troops (of "A" category) advance literally immediately to the selection week.

   The selection week is characterized by high demandingness, it is composed as complex field activity, which is intended to test physical fitness, psychical endurance, moral qualities and team spirit of each candidate under extreme conditions.

   Candidates, during 6-day complex activities under the command of qualified instructors of the 601st SFG and constant supervision of a doctor (medic) and a psychologist, undergo a set of demanding physical test focused on stamina, strength, tenaciousness and the ability to react in different situations. The complex activities are composed of endurance runnig, long-distance marches and a set of strength exercises, which are supposed to test the ability to cope with predicaments under enormous physical strain.

   The candidate can opt out at his own request whenever he wishes. It is allowed to retake the selection procedure after six months at the earliest and repeat only 3 times.
    Instructors eliminate the candidates only if the candidate does not fulfil the TL repeatedly (3 times and more), in case of serious breaking of the set rules or for the health reasons.

4. Personnel measures

    The service at the 601st SFG has to be started within 2 years from the selection procedure. In case of later acceptance he/she will have to undergo the new selection procedure in full extent. This measure applies to both categories.

    In case of failure or opt-out from selection procedure the candidate is immediately sent back to his mother unit or facility of the ACR.
    Providing the selection week cannot be finished by the candidate he could be offered a position at non-combat part of the Group ("B" category position).

    There is an interview with the Commander's Commitee at the end of selection procedure (after passing the psychometric tests for "B" category and after passing the selection week for "A" category). The objective of this interview is to find the most optimal systemized position within the 601st SFG organization. Needed security clearance level is set on the basis of this interview.
    The results for "A" category candidates are announced immediately after the selection, for "B" category within 14 days since the end of the selection procedure. These results are also concurrently announced to the candidate's commanders and chiefs.

Dates of selection procedures:

- - - -

Candidates are gladly asked to contact the Personnel Office of the 601st Special Forces Group:
(+420) 973 411 549 and
(+420) 973 411 595.
Accomodation and boarding is provided at the 601st SFG.


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