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Special Reconnaisance Company "Z"
(Active Volunteer Reservists Company)

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     The Active Volunteer Reservists Company of the 601st Special Forces Brigade was formed on suggestion of the Chief of Intelligence Administration of that time and with massive support and interest of Chief of Staff of the Czech Armed Forces. 40 volunteers and former members of reconnaisance units of the Czech Army were summoned to Prostejov. All between 23 and 50 y.o.
     These members took part in two-week intensive training consisting of parachute, professional and tactical preparation, which culminated by two parachute jumps and three-day complex field activity during the second week. Conception of the training and mission of this unit started to form on the basis of the results and experience from the first exercise. zalohy2-t.jpg, 6 kB
    The personnel policy of this unit was stabilized and determined in 2001. Moreover the system of training, which consisted of three weekend exercises focused on tactical and parachute preparation, was also laid out. This course has been unchanged till the present.
     As the time went by, the mission of this company also crystalized in perspective of its function within the 601st Special Forces Group. The unit participated in demanding shooting training using various types of infantry weapons, in throwing of all types of hand grenades, shooting practice while breaking from the enemy under tactical narrative and is capable of insertion from all types of ACR helicopters. About 50% of original members, who enlisted in 2000, remained up to now, zalohy-t.jpg, 7 kB the rest has been replaced. Unfortunately employer's unwillingness to release his employee for the exercise has been the most frequent cause for leaving this unit. The unit lost a couple of very adept individuals, however, four of them became regular soldiers of 601st Special Forces Group and other reconnaisance and paratroop units within the Czech Armed Forces.

     Participation in long-distance marches in Holland and Belgium, or reservists team success in the International Contest of Reconnaisance Patrols in Prostejov and last but not least the very good assesment of the unit in the International Exercise of Special Forces ASSEGAI EYES 2005 in Prostejov should be considered a succes as well.



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