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Special organization

     Organization of the unit enables to plan, control, secure and accomplish one or two independent special forces operations outside the Czech Republic. Higher ratio of staff and logistics comparing to combat section is characteristic due to particularity of task fulfilment.

601st Special Forces Group consists of following parts:

  • headquarters and staff
  • combat troops
  • logistics troops

     Besides primary combat troops there are specialists at the unit's disposal: snipers, divers, bomb disposal experts, FAC and specialists for technical means of reconnaissance. These specialists are supplemented into combat groups, which are created on the basis of each specific task "ad hoc".

     According to the fact, that tasks are executed by small operational teams, each member of a combat group is able to perform at least two functions (e.g. deputy commander is also a medic).

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Position of 601st SFG in the Czech Armed Forces hierarchy of command

     Chief of the General Staff controls and creates the conditions for 601st SFG through the special forces directorate.

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