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Memorial of the 601st Special Forces Group

     The memorial, dedicated to former members of 8280 Military Unit who were in service since 1952 and those who deceased on duty since 1993, was unveiled 30 June 2005.
     Paratrooper statue was created by sculptor Jiri Kaspar. Collection from all members of 601st SFG and contribution from Military history institute enabled the memorial to be erected.

    „I belive, we will not have to add any names here“, expressed his great wish commander of 601st SFG Col GS Ing. Ondrej Palenik.

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Memento in Vrahovice

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     Memento at Vrahovice (part of Prostejov) railway crossing, expressing the remembrance of tragic accident which happened 9 December 2004, was unveiled on the same day i.e. 30 June 2005.
     Five mebers of 601st SFG died after the crash of Tatra 815 truck with passing Fast train.


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