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Dear friends!

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Commander of the 601st SFG
Col David FRANTA

Welcome to the official website of 601st Special Forces Group (601 SFG).

Our aim is to inform the public through this website about the history, the mission and events of this elite military unit. Given the nature of the tasks performed by Special Operations Forces (SOF), many aspects of our work are subject to classification and confidentiality therefore cannot be published. Nevertheless, we are aware that the public is interested in issues related to SOF and our unit. Consequently, we want to provide interesting and useful information and news regarding our activities to the maximum extent possible.

601 SFG has become a part of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic since 1 January 2015. This unit provides a strategic tool that, for its unique capabilities, significantly contributes to security and defence of our country.

Through its rich history and above all through excellent results and achievements in contemporary military operations, 601 SFG has built a considerable reputation not only within the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic but also in SOF community abroad. The capabilities, skills, attitude while performing assigned tasks and the high professionalism of this unit makes it also a valuable and effective contribution of the Czech Republic into the international operations under NATO or other coalitions of our allies.

Lastly, let me thank all of you who express the interest in SOF and our unit. The public interest represented by the number of visits on this website, as well as by your contributions, gives us a sense of pride and is a great motivation and encouragement for our further work considered by us as our mission and service to our country.

I hope that you find the information provided useful and beneficial.

(601 SFG motto)

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