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The story of 601st Special Forces Group establishment

     The unit was established in October 1952 as a paratroop brigade. In 1960 it was relocated from Presov; which lies in East Slovakia; to Prostejov as a 22nd Paratroop Brigade and it has existed in that area since.

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     In 1969, 22nd Paratroop Regiment was created by reorganization and relocation of 7th Paratroop Regiment in Holesov and 1st and 4th Paratroop and Reconnaissance Companies in Chrudim. Until 1969, the troops of the regiment were trained in the manner of Soviet troops for mass parachute operations with a mission to occupy and defend important military points until the arrival of the main forces.

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     Since 1969, organization structure of paratroop regiment was created by single paratroop reconnaissance battalion and two paratroop reconnaissance companies. In 1976, units of mass paratroop operations were dissolved and the regiment began to focus on training small reconnaissance groups, which were trained to be inserted in the rear of enemy to carry out reconnaissance and diversionary activities.

     In 1988, the unit was reorganized to 22nd Paratroop Brigade and its organization structure was developing further.

     In 1995, 6th Special Brigade is established and its organization substantially approaches the NATO Armies' Special Forces organization standards.

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     Honorary historical name - GENERAL MORAVEC - was awarded to the Brigade by the President of the Czech Republic on occasion of 54th anniversary of the end of World War II in 1999.

     The unit approached the Alliance standards even more after the entry of the Czech Republic to NATO and 6th Special Forces Group was established in 2001.

    This unit was reorganized to 601st Special Forces Group in accord with Czech Armed Forces reform in 2003.


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