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601st Special Forces Group
In Operation Enduring Freedom 2006

      The Czech Republic Special Forces Contingent [Task Force 601] for operation Enduring Freedom is operating in Afghanistan according to mandate approved by Government and Parliament of the Czech Republic.
     The mission of TF 601 is to carry out special reconnaissance, direct actions and other special operations in southern part of Afghanistan in order to disrupt enemy activities [especially of Taliban and Al Qaida] in support of internal country security.
      CZE unit is a part of the multinational Special Forces task group and will remain under operational control of Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force Afghanistan Commander [CJSOTF-A] for operation Enduring Freedom independently of NATO (ISAF) assumption of responsibility in southern Afghanistan.
      This has been the second combat mission during the Czech Republic history as well as the second 601st Special Forces Group combat operation.

     The deployment of TF 601 to Kandahar Air Base was finished in the middle of May. Immediately after arrival the mission preparation (especially weapons and communication systems adjustment) and operational planning started. This phase was done in very short time in spite of unfavorable weather conditions [high temperatures around 50 degrees of Celsius in shadow, dust and low humidity].

      Based on campaign situation, the CZE SOF Contingent has been divided into two main parts and a few liaison elements.

      „CAMP PROSTEJOV“ at Kandahar Airfield became a temporary home of Czech combatants. Camp is not only the operation command and control center location, but also a mission preparation and refit / recovery area for all TF elements. It is a “save heaven” despite of high level of combat readiness maintained due to frequent enemy rocket attacks.

      The CZE TF operational base is one of the coalition bases situated in difficult mountain terrain. The movement of personnel, vehicles and supplies to this operational base, which took couple of nights, was itself very difficult and dangerous operation.

      CZE TF 601 has been actively involved in combating of terrorists in region, which is historically Taliban stronghold, since beginning of June. Czech operators are taking part in every main coalition operation, for example Operation Mountain Thrust. Even though, the aim of every mission is to provide help to local population and government representatives, they have been involved in a few skirmishes with enemy with no own casualties so far.

      The high proficiency, readiness, morale and unique equipment give us appropriate capabilities for successful mission accomplishment despite of the fact, that situation in southern provinces of Afghanistan is the worst since beginning of combat operation in 2001.

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combat vehicle
LRD 110

Basic armament
and equipment
of TF 601 operators

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