Assault rifle model 58 Pi
(original name Sa vz. 58 Pi)
Modernized version for Special Forces

Our army has been using assault rifle model 58 since the end of 1950’s. This model of assault rifle was gradually introduced in several modifications (model 58 with fixed buttstock, model 58 with folded buttstock and model 58 with fixed buttstock and mounted bracket for night sights). According to new requirements for basic combat weapon of modern soldier this rifle seemed to be outdated. Therefore it was radically updated to meet requirements of Special Forces.

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Extent of modernization of Sa vz. 58 Pi for Special Forces:

  • fixed buttstock was replaced with folded buttstock
  • universal rail MIL STD 1913 was placed on original mounted bracket for night vision devices
  • new metal furniture (handguard) – 4x universal rail MIL STD 1913
  • removable front pistol handle
  • tactical light holder
  • rail cover
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Swiss manufacturer Brügger and Thomet provided the modernization set apart from the folding buttstock. After modernization the assault rifle Sa vz. 58 enables use of all modern accessories compatible with MIL STD 1913 such as optics, night vision devices, laser pointers, tactical lights etc.

This modernization was conducted in 2006 and at present Sa vz. 58 Pi is often used in combat operations.

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Technical details:

Caliber: 7,62 x 39 mm
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Weight of full magazine: 0,69 kg
Weight of rifle with full magazine: 4,570 kg
Rate of fire: 800 rounds/minute
Effective range: 800 m
Maximum range: 2800 m
Lethal range: 2800 m


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