Tactical vest NPP-06 for Special Forces

Tactical vest NPP-06 is combination of harness system and body armor. Body armor is protecting main body organs by front and back ballistic panel which can sustain one shot of 7,62 x 63 mm caliber [30-60 Springfield] or three shots of 7,62 x 39 mm caliber. The advantage of this is vest is high variability of accessories like a cases and pouches which can be attached at the vest. The tactical vest with body armor allowed high mobility during mission execution in difficult climate and terrain.

Front part

Plastic handcuffs Scissors Pouch for IR strobe Switch “ Push-to talk „ for internal communication Universal pouch NPP-06 Pouch for grenade NPP-06 Pouch for internal radio station Universal pouch Pistol magazine pouch NPP-06 Individual medical kit Magazine pouch for three M4 magazines NPP-06

On the picture you can see one of the many combinations of tactical vest and accessories: 1 x universal pouch, 1 x pouch for internal radio station, 3 x magazine pouches for three M4 magazines, 1 x individual medical kit, plastic handcuffs, 1 x pouch for IF strobe, switch “push-to-talk” for internal communication, 1 x pouch for three magazines for pistol Glock 17, 1 x universal pouch for other items [GPS, compass, etc.], 2 x pouches for grenades and scissor for cutting combat uniform of wounded personnel.

Back part

npp_2006_z.jpg, 15 kB

Dismantled harness and body armor

npp_2006_rozl.jpg, 24 kB


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