Night vision device KLARA [monocular]

The monocular night vision device [NVD] use the technology of passive image intensifier. Basically the NVD work with light of stars and moon [illumination] and cannot be identified by other NVD's. For dark nights [low illumination] or dark places [buildings], the NVD is equipped by infrared light. In this case, the NVD can be identified by other NVD's. This system is also equipped by protection against bright lights which can damage system. This new version is equipped by pointer cross and in combination with rail system can be use also as a night pointer. The NVD can be used as hand-free for left or right eye with head set or just handheld.

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The NVG KLARA has been adopted by 601st Special Forces Group since middle of 90s last century. The NVGs are mainly use during mounted and dismounted movement of Special Forces. The NVGs can be also use for observation of objects on short distance.

Technical data:
Magnification: 1x
Field of view: 50
Focus range: 20cm to infinity
Operating temperature: -30C to +55C
Protection: water resistant
Weight: 450g
Power supply: 1x AA battery [ more than 20 hours]


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