M60 E4 Machine gun

M60 E4 machine gun is the one the latest versions of M60 machine gun which was adopted by US military in 1950. The M60 E4 version is the newer version of M60 E3 machine gun which has been specially designed for US NAVY Special Forces known as SEAL. Opposite the old versions of M60, the M60 E4 has a function improvements, low weight, quick change barrel, rail systems for optics and pointers, textile ammunition case for 100 rounds. In spite of relatively low rate of fire, the M60 E4 is a simple operated and accurate weapon. M60 E4 can be also mounted on the vehicle.

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The M60 E4 machine gun has been adopted by 601st Special Forces Group in beginning of 2006 as replacement of UK-59L machine guns.

Technical data:
Caliber: 7,62 x 51 mm NATO
Ammunition case: 100 rounds linked
Weight: 10,2 kg
Theoretic rate of fire: 500 650 rounds / min
Effective range: 1100 m


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