Pistol GLOCK 17

The pistol Glock 17 is the world famous personnel weapon based on its reliability and endurance. Every member of Czech Special Forces use the Glock 17 as back up weapon for his primary M4 A3 or Sa-58 assault rifle.

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For many purposes, the Glock 17 can be equipped by tactical light GTL 52 and also by suppressor Impuls II from Brūgger & Thomet Co.

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For training purposes, the Special Forces use the Glock 17T [blue color] version for training ammunition 9 mm FX Simunition and Glock 17R [red color] for safety training. The Pistol Glock 17 has been adopted by 601st Special Forces Group at the beginning of 2006.

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Technical data:
Caliber: 9 mm LUGER [9x19 mm]
Magazine capacity: 17 rounds
Weight of pistol without magazine: 625 g


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