Benelli M3T Super 90 Shotgun

The Italian Benelli M3T shotgun with folding butt-stock is the tactical version of Benneli M3 Super 90. The Benelli M3T can manually operated in pump action mode or in rapid semi-automatic mode. The Benelli M3T is loaded from underbarrel tubular magazine which usually holds 6 or 5 rounds depend on type of ammunition.

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The Benelli M3T Super 90 Shotgun has been adopted by 601st Special Forces Group at the end of 90ís last century.

Technical data:
Gauge: .12 x 76 mm
Length: 1035 mm
Length with collapsed butt-stock: 780 mm
Length of barrel: 502 mm
Weight: 3,55 kg
Capacity: 6 rounds


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